Could I trouble you for a bit of that picnic and Cas's proposal?


Of course!

The box was burning a hole through his pocket, Cas was convinced. But now wasn’t the right time. They still had the whole night ahead of them.

Sam spread out the blanket, and Cas took out the food. It was nothing special — basically anything home cooked constituted a “nice dinner” for the Winchesters — but Sam had lit up brighter than the stars above them at the first bite of poor man’s filet mignon and leaned forward so Cas could taste the gravy on his tongue.

"Good?" Cas asked.

"Delicious. I don’t know how you do it if you can’t taste anything."

"I do, though. I taste everything.

Sam laughed but accepted it, leaning against Cas as they stargazed. Orion was in the sky tonight. That was a good omen.

When Sam was finished, Cas tried to bring out the cake, but Sam stopped him. “Save it for later,” he suggested. Cas bit his lip but put the cake away. He didn’t think they would have time later, but he supposed they would see to that.

They made up for the extra time easily, putting hands and lips to good use.

At 10:30 they regrettably packed up and walked down to the fair, Cas’s arm around Sam’s waist the entire time. Cas did as he had promised and won Sam a teddy bear from the dart game, but to be perfectly honest, his mind was on other things. He kept glancing at the Ferris wheel every few seconds and got a little more nervous each time. The fact was that Cas had no idea what he was doing. The internet had said that proposing at the top of the Ferris wheel was romantic, but beyond that he hadn’t a clue.

Cas checked his watch:  Almost midnight. It was still the first, but not for long. He tugged on Sam’s hand gently, nodding towards the ride and watching as his face split into a wide grin.

"It’s been ages since I’ve ridden a Ferris wheel," and if nothing else, that sealed the deal.

The line was short, so they had less time than Cas probably needed before they were being ushered onto the ride. Sam cuddled up beside him and Cas instinctively wrapped an arm around his shoulders as they ascended, Cas’s heart thudding in his chest a little harder with each second until they were conveniently stopped at the top. Cas toyed with the box in his pocket. If ever there was a time, it was now, just like he planned.

"Sam?" he started shakily.


"Um, this is good, right? Today was nice?" Dammit, that was not what he was supposed to say.

"Yeah," Sam sighed in content. "It was great. Thank you so much for all this, Cas."

And then they were descending again. Cas felt like he had missed his chance and silently admonished himself for the duration of the ride, and then on the way back to the bunker. He cleaned up in silence, letting Sam put the cake in the fridge until they woke up.

"Are you coming to bed?" Sam asked obliviously.

"No," Cas answered without thinking. "I mean, yes. Um. Wait."

"Cas? Are you okay?"

Panicking, and 100% not sure about what he was supposed to do, Cas dug in his pocket for the box and shoved it at Sam. “Here. I’ll meet you upstairs. Or not. Whatever you decide.”

God, he was so stupid. He chastised himself even as he walked away. He paced the showers for a few minutes without actually stepping inside, wondering how long was an acceptable time to wait and deciding that he would wait until he couldn’t anymore. Which ended up being something like ten minutes before he lost it and went to find Sam in their room.

Except Sam wasn’t there.

Cas’s shoulders fell in disappointment. He desperately hoped he hadn’t just ruined what he and Sam had built together.

"There you are!" Cas didn’t even have time to turn around before he was being crushed in Sam’s arms and bombarded with kisses.

"What I don’t understand," Sam said between breaths of air, "is how you could think my answer would be anything but yes."

Cas didn’t bother to respond, too washed up in relief and excitement and Sam. As they locked the door behind them and proceeded to make more happy memories for the second of May.


Dean’s trying to talk to his interviewee but she keeps averting her attention behind him. He’s a little bit more than confused until he hears his brother’s voice raise in huff of laughter before fading into a whisper. When he turns around, there are his two idiot ‘agents’…